I have adjusted the email aliases to reflect the new slate of Council officers. They are as follows:

  • president@pseconline.org goes to Sam Gheesling
  • secretary@pseconline.org goes to Stan Dyckatsign
  • treasurer@pseconline.org goes to Chris Roberdeau
  • webmaster@pseconline.org goes to Stan Dyck

What is an email alias? It is a regular email address, just like any other address. The difference is that behind the scenes, a message sent to the alias gets automatically forwarded to a second, hidden address. That second address can be changed at any time while the alias address never changes.

If you want to contact one of the people in the list above, I suggest you use these alias addresses instead of their personal or business addresses. If you are one of these people, I also suggest that you give out these addresses as your contact email.

Why Use the Aliases?

There are a few really good reasons to use these email addresses to contact PSEC officers.

  • Aliases are easy to remember. Email addresses can be long and filled with punctuation characters and words that are easy to misspell. The aliases don’t suffer from these problems.
  • It always goes to the right person. The President, Secretary and other positions change from year to year, but these alias addresses don’t. I take care of changing the second, hidden address so that it goes to the right person. If your address book has an entry for president@pseconline.org in it and you want to send an email to the PSEC President, you’ll never need to wonder if you’re picking the right person.
  • Email recipients can filter your messages. My email program (and yours too probably) allows you to create routing rules that process incoming messages based on a host of criteria. For instance, I have a rule that routes any message sent to webmaster@pseconline.org to a special folder. That allows me to keep all my PSEC emails together in one place which is better for me and also for anyone who sends email to me.

When I send an email as webmaster@pseconline.org, I always try to arrange it so that replies will go back to that address. That can be tricky to set up so if you have an alias and would like to know how to do that let me know.

Lastly, think about whether we should create other aliases for people besides just the officers. It can be for positions or event and it can be a permanent or temporary address. I can also create actual email accounts with the pseconline.org domain. If you want to set something else or have any other questions about email aliases, leave a comment below or send me a message. I’ll let you guess what address to send it to 🙂