Site is Live!webmaster

The wordpress site at has been moved. The main site at has been replaced with the software and content that was on the dev site. The content in the old site is saved but it is not currently publicly available. I am still debating whether to bring it back. If I do, I will probably put it at or somesuch.

One issue I’ve noticed with the site switch is that some links and images no longer work. They are easy to fix one I find them, so if you see a link that does not work, let me know by commenting below and I’ll fix it.

I turned off the self registration for the site for now. In the 12 hours since I moved the site I started to get spam registrations. That means there are automated programs out there that look for new WordPress sites and create bogus registrations for the purpose of creating links to their spam nonsense. I am looking into countermeasures and will report more at the meeting on the 1st of June.

Items Completed

  • Fixed issue with image alignment. You can now left or right align images.
  • Updated site software to version 2.2.┬áHas been deployed to
  • ISOW reports in place