Attention!! Upcoming Bellevue Workshop June 12th–Understanding and Applying the Kano Model. Presented by Deborah Hopen, a past ASQ Society Chair.


She will be presenting on the Kano Model portrays customer expectations related to product/service features according to five categories of perceived quality that can be used to drive satisfaction—and avoid generating dissatisfaction. Although this model is widely discussed, the method for applying specialized surveying and analysis process are not well-known. Participants from all types of organizations will benefit from this workshop because it will help them learn how to distinguish among the myriad perceived customer expectations—which often are based on guesswork rather than the true Voice of the Customer—and determine which ones warrant attention to ensure high levels of satisfaction.


Deborah has over 40 years of experience in total quality management as an executive and consultant. She has served as President and Chairman of ASQ, President of the Washington State Quality Award Program, and _resident of the International Standards Initiative. In 2012, Hopen received the APQC C. Jackson Grayson Distinguished Pioneer of Quality Award. She also is a Fellow of ASQ and the editor of its Journal for Quality and Participation. She has been recognized with ASQ’s Distinguished Service Medal and Gryna Award, the Quality Management Division’s Roger Berger Spirit Award, and the Los Angeles Section’s Simon Collier Award.