The Highline College Mentor Night was a huge success.  There were about 75 students and 13 Mentors.  Rich Bankhead (with the Highline College’s Engineering Dept.) spoke at the beginning of the event.  Steve Snelling (from PSEC) spoke briefly about some of the information on the PSEC website about the member Engineering Societies (with direct links to their local & national engineering websites).

There were 4-5 very busy sessions (timed at about 20 minutes each, announced when to rotate), with almost all of the tables filled with students.  All of the Mentors were very busy talking to students at each of their tables.  Most Mentors had good table display items to talk to the students about their engineering work.

Many of the students were Freshmen; a few of the students were Sophomores.  The students were interested in several types of Engineering (Mechanical, Electrical, Aerospace, Civil, Chemical, Materials, Structural, and Industrial).

They gave the students, a half page list of good questions to ask the Mentors, but most students didn’t need to refer to the questions sheet – since they had plenty of questions on their own.

There was plenty of good pizza, and lots of iced tea, lemonade, & ice water.  Some Mentors stayed talking to smaller groups of students, until almost 8:30 pm.