We need your help to continue to send requests for additional volunteers to your members to come talk with students over dinner at the Bellevue College Mentor Night this Wednesday, May 6th.
Below is the list of disciplines and professional societies currently represented from the ten (10) volunteers registered to date. As you can see we need many more volunteers to help with this interdisciplinary event.
Area(s) of engineering expertise. Technical or professional society affiliations.
1 Aeronautical/Aerospace | Industrial/Manufacturing | Mechanical ASME, PSEC
2 Civil | Industrial/Manufacturing IIE, SWE, AREMA (railroad)
3 Industrial/Manufacturing | Mechanical | Systems ASME, SHPE, PSEC
4 Civil | Geotechnical ASCE, SEAW, EERI
5 Structural ASCE; ASCE-SEI, SEAW
6 Civil | Structural ASCE/WTS
7 Structural SEAW – Structural Engineers of Washington
ASCE – American Society of Civil Engineers
AISC – American Institute of Steel Construction
8 Aeronautical/Aerospace AIAA, ICAS, ICNS, MIT Sloan
9 Aeronautical/Aerospace | Industrial/Manufacturing | Materials | Software | Structural | Systems AIAA, SME, SAMPE
10 Aeronautical/Aerospace | Industrial/Manufacturing SME, SAMPE