This is the second year of having a display booth at the Amcon trade show held at the Maydenbauer Center in Bellevue, WA.
The free booth space is pro Bono, based on Advertising to our societies membership. PSEC has provided the two seminar presenters this year. Although members of two local ASQ sections, both gentlemen are professional engineers in their own right.

11:30am-12:30pm-(35 attendees)
How to Make Things Fit Beyond the Computer Model
Kermit Taylor, Lean Design Consultant, Design Kestrel
Statistically, about 3/4 of factory problems can be traced back to the engineering design; almost all those problems are due to poor detail tolerance application. This methodology provides a proactive approach to quality, waste reduction, and flow to a level that cannot be achieved through Six Sigma or Lean programs, since those initiatives fail to address the root cause of the problems.
Class Objectives:
1. Raise Attendee Awareness of Costs and Values Related to Performing Tolerance Stack-up Analysis     {Convince Attendees to Make Tolerance Stack-up a Priority and Regular Part of Engineering Work}
2. Provide Attendees With a Spreadsheet for Quickly and Easily Calculating Tolerance Stack-up and the Knowledge/Proficiency to Use It Effectively.
3. Improve Attendee Skills in Applying GD&T Specifications to Drawings

12:00pm – 1:30pm (15 attendees)
Room 402
Risk Management, Cyber Security & ISO 9001:2015
Greg Hutchins/Bill Walker/Ed Perkins
Is your organization prepared for any increase in registration costs than what you paid in the past? Why are the costs increasing? Besides yourself does your CEO, CFO, COO and President fully understand the changes to AS9100 (AEROSPACE & DEFENSE), ISO 9001 (INTERNATIONAL STANDARD), ISO 13485(MEDICAL), TS16949 (AUTOMOTIVE), TL9000 (TELECOMMUNICATIONS), ISO 31000 (RISK), ISO 19011 (AUDITING MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS-LIKE RISK), ISO 27001(CYBER SECURITY), FAA (New Airline Risk Requirements), requirement that ALL FEDERAL OFFICES have a RISK MANAGEMENT PROGRAM, plus other standards? Is ISO 9001-2015 the driving force behind the changes? Are you using COSO? Do you need to understand and comply with the new Federal Cyber Security Framework? Which is better FMEA or HEAT MAPS? Which of the above RISK MANAGEMENT documents does your organization not know about or understand what these requirements mean and how they will affect the bottom line?
Where do I find the answers to the above questions plus more? Where can I ask questions and learn more about what is happening and going to happen? Can I afford the changes? Can I survive and stay in business because of all the changes and cost increases?
Join Greg Hutchins, Ed Perkins and Bill Walker as we do a panel discussion on RISK MANAGEMENT requirements, CYBER SECURITY and ISO 9001-2015. ISO 9001-2015 is scheduled for release in September 2015. Are you prepared for the impact and costs that this document release will have?
Here is your opportunity to find out what is happening, how it will affect your bottom line and determine what training is recommended. Who needs to be trained first and then next?
At the conclusion of this FREE SEMINAR there will be a drawing for a FREE COPY of VAA (VALUE ADDED AUDITING) Manual which is the Standard Manual of Risk-Based, Process-Auditing.   This manual is 383 pages, written by Greg Hutchins and sells for $89.00 plus $6 plus shipping and handling.

The 2015 Show attendance seemed higher than the past year or two. There were over one-hundred exhibitors/contract manufacturers. We ( Jude and I ) passed out 200 PSEC brochures to attendees and the majority of the exhibitors. Jude talked to most of the exhibitors over the two day show.
Except for the attendees & exhibitors who were Enterprise members of ASQ, SAE & IIE, most no longer belonged to a professional society. A majority were interested in our events, and a few were interested in Sponsorship/advertising on the PSEC website.

I would consider doing it again, however help is absolutely a must.

Art Moss