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October 30, 2015

AIAA will have another outstanding program for the 2015 Technical Symposium: “Pacific Northwest at the Forefront of Innovation” being held at the Future of Flight Aviation Center in Mukilteo on Saturday November 14.


The program will feature presentations from:


Dr. Paul Bevilaqua, VTOL specialist and Chief Aeronautical Scientist at Lockheed Martin who invented the dual cycle propulsion system that made it possible to build a stealth supersonic VSTOL Strike Fighter;


Dr. Rostislav Spektor, Chair of the AIAA National Electric Propulsion Committee, and research scientist and Electric Propulsion and Plasma Science Section Head at The Aerospace Corp;


Ed Petkus, Vice President Airplane Development Engineering, Boeing Commercial Airplanes; and


Nick Patrick, Human Integration Architect at Blue Origin, former NASA Astronaut and Boeing flight deck engineer.


Presentations from experienced veteran in aviation technologies from outside the region include:


Capt. Joe Burns, a twenty-five year veteran of the aviation technology and communications industries and most recently the Managing Director of Flight Operations Technology and Flight Testing at United Airlines, NASA ATM subject matter expert, and CEO of Sensurion Aerospace; and


Dr. Bruce J. Holmes, senior executive with more than 40 years’ experience in industry and in NASA, and entrepreneurial experience in air transportation innovations at DayJet Corporation and , in complexity science tools applied to flightpath management at NextGen AeroSciences Inc. and global transportation demand and supply modeling AirMarkets Corporation.


Presentations from Pacific Northwest scientists, engineers, service providers, entrepreneurs and other members of the aeronautical, including:


Dr. Ralph Cavalieri, Center Director and Technical Lead for Alternative Jet Fuels Research, Aviation Sustainability Center (ASCENT) aka FAA Center of Excellence: Alternative Jet Fuels and the Environment;


Dr. Jacob Leachman, Assistant Professor, School of Mechanical and Materials Engineering, WSU, and the initiator of the Hydrogen Properties for Energy Research Laboratory.  Dr. Leachman will discuss a partnership with Insitu Inc. funded by the Washington Joint Center for Aerospace Technology and Innovation (JCATI) to convert the popular ScanEagle UAS over to liquid hydrogen powered flight. He will also explain why “60 Years after Project Suntan the Future of Liquid Hydrogen Flight is Bright.


Dr. Kristi Morgansen, Professor in Aeronautics and Astronautics at UW, recent AIAA Associate Fellow, who will discuss “Integrated Sensing and Actuation for Biological and Engineered Aerospace Systems.”


Dr. Roger Parker, CTO, AirMarkets Corporation, who will explain the market for air travel and “What People Pay to Fly” or something like that.


Scott Philiben, President, CiES Inc., successful business founder with a track record of bringing new aircraft system design ideas and concepts to market that have become industry standards;


Jeanne Yu, Director, Environmental Performance and Integration Product Development, Boeing Commercial Airplanes; and


Financing Innovation Panel: Craig Ladkin, FOCUS Investment Bankers; Mike Kelley, Cascadia Capital, and others with experience assisting entrepreneurs and stories you’ll enjoy.


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