World In Motion

K through 12th grades

The A World in MotionĀ® curriculum joins together teachers, students, and industry volunteers in an exploration of physical science while addressing essential mathematic and scientific concepts and skills. Industry volunteers play an essential role in motivating the next generation to pursue careers in science, technology, engineering and math by bringing their everyday experiences into an AWIM classroom.

Each of the AWIM activities is designed around current math, science, and technology standards. SAE International provides the AWIM curriculum and materials at no cost to classroom teachers who complete a Statement of Partnership.

The program consists of hands-on physical science curricula designed for a variety of grade levels.

  • Elementary (3-6)
    • Skimmer
    • JetToy
    • Electricity & Electronics
  • Middle School (7-8)
    • Motorized Toy Car
    • Glider
    • Electricity & Electronics
  • High School (9-10)
    • Electricity & Electronics

A World In MotionĀ® is brought to you by SAE International and is funded through the SAE Foundation

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