Rainier Scholars Internship Program

6th grade through 12th grade

Each spring, Rainier Scholars invites 60 promising students of color to embark on an 11-year, life-changing journey. It demands hard work and commitment. In exchange, it offers invaluable opportunity. In four phases—from an intensive 14-month academic phase to placement into the area’s top independent and public schools to ongoing leadership development and support which lasts through the final day of college—scholars learn the skills, make the connections and accumulate the knowledge and experience that will enable them to excel in college and assume positions of leadership as adults.

If you are interested in becomming a Rainier Scholar, please see the web site above for details on how to qualify.

For Engineers and Educators

Businesses who hire interns reap rewards. By partnering with Rainier Scholars, businesses and organizations make a commitment to diversity, invest in the future work force and fulfill a civic responsibility providing students with mentoring and professional work experiences. Interns bring fresh ideas and new perspectives to their jobs, enhancing the level of creativity and innovation within an organization. Most importantly in this economic climate, a high quality internship experience increases a productivity by offering low-cost, high quality labor.

If you would like to explore the opportunity of hosting an internship, please see the web site below.

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