Future Scientists and Engineers of America

4th through 12th grades

FSEA is a national after-school program that promotes technology, science, and engineering in grades 4-12. Schools provide a teacher and facilities, community provides funding and mentors, FSEA provides project plans, materials, and award ribbons/certificates. FSEA clubs meet for about one hour each week during the school year to work on projects designed to permit evaluation of competitive team and individual accomplishments. Members start as Technicians and progress through five levels to an Engineering Specialist level similarly to Scouts program. Project complexity is matched to club grade levels. . Volunteer mentors are responsible for conducting the project sessions and serve as engineering role models.

For Engineers and Educators

Volunteers can get involved by helping to initiate a school FSEA club, participate in a club startup, become a mentor in an active club, support FSEA workshop training sessions or FSEA publicity and coordination effort.

Mentors interact directly with the FSEA students for the 1-hour per week sessions. Describe project scientific principals and math involved. Explain goals and competitions, materials available, and constraints. Provide demonstration examples of engineering principals. Describe sources for research materials available. Answer questions and provide design help. Provide comments to FSEA on current projects and help develop new projects.

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