Future Cities

7th and 8th grade

The competition is for 7th and 8th grade students to foster interest in engineering , math and science through hands-on, real world applications. Teams consisting of three students, one teacher and one engineering mentor compete with the following components:

        Future Cities

Photos courtesy of futurecity.org/washington                   Click above photo to see this photo and others

  • Use SimCity software to design a logical model of a city of the future
  • Write an essay about an assigned engineering design problem
  • Build a physical model of their city using recycled materials
  • Give a team presentation on their city at the Regional Competition

For Engineers and Educators

Volunteers can participate in the following roles

  • Engineering mentor – Give engineering guidance to student teams (approx 35 hrs over 3 months)
  • Competition judge – Grade computer models, essays or presentations (approx 8 hrs)
  • Committee member – There are opportunities for various responsibilities with different time commitments. Some examples are publicity coordinator, treasurer, awards coordinator, mentor coordinator.

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