[PSEC] PSEC Meeting Location

John Schaufelberger jesbcon at uw.edu
Tue Sep 3 20:14:10 PDT 2013

Dear PSEC Reps,

Last Thursday, we were notified that Rock Salt Steakhouse is closing 
immediately and that we would need to find a alternate location for our 
monthly meetings.  I have checked with both McCormick & Schmicks and 
Ivars.  Both could accommodate us, but want a single check.  At Ivars, 
we would need to guarantee a minimum expense of at least $750 per 
meeting, and McCormick & Schmicks the minimum is $400.  Given their 
requirements, I do not believe that either venue would work for us.  I 
think that we need to find a venue that will process individual checks, 
provide a separate meeting space, and have adequate parking.  Do any of 
you have suggestions for potential venues that I can pursue?  Thank 
you.  As of now, we do not have a location in which to meet on September 9.


John Schaufelberger
Interim Dean, College of Built Environments
Chair, Department of Construction Management
University of Washington

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