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At the last PSEC meeting several people asked me if science fair posters and material were available as digital copies.  This is the 2013 WSSEF poster:

And the judge's brochure:

Getting enough judges is always a problem at WSSEF because it's a ferry ride or an hour's drive.  This year a record 600 students are expected at Bremerton and 250-300 judges will be needed for one or both days of the fair.
If you can volunteer for this important and satisfying job, please let register at this site:

In addition to the regular awards and scholarships, professional organizations offer special awards at the fair.  If you don't see your organization listed and would like to offer an award, please contact me (gary.c.foss at boeing.com) .  Ideally, you would provide someone to select the award, but the fair can arrange for that as well.  Typically the award consists of a certificate and 50-100 dollars cash:

American Meteorological Society Award
Association for Women Geoscientists Award
Institute of Electrical Electronic Engineering (IEEE Seattle Section) Award
National Society of Professional Engineers Award
PNW AIAA Award for Excellence in Aeronautics and Astronautics
SPIE Optics & Photonics Award
The American Psychological Association Award
ASM Education Foundation Most Outstanding Exhibit in Materials Science
UQC Award for Excellence in the Physical Sciences and Engineering
Yale Science & Engineering Association Award

Gary Foss
Outreach Coordinator
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