Inter Society Officers Workshop 2019

April 26, 2019

The PSEC Inter-society officer’s workshop (ISOW) brings together volunteer leaders from all PSEC member societies. The objective of the workshop is to share best practices for running our volunteer lead professional societies. Each year three topics are chosen for discussion during the workshop. The topics change each year to encourage continued participation and the timeliness of the topic. Roundtable sessions of 30-40 minutes allow participants to discuss and share experiences focused on a topic.

Saturday – June 8th, 2019 10:30am – 2:00pm
University of Washington Facility
7543 63rd Ave NE, Building #5, Bay B (map)
Seattle, WA 98115-8116

Refreshments will be provided

All Officers (current & incoming) from all PSEC engineering Societies are invited to come and exchange ideas with Officers from each of the other local engineering Societies. This is a free, annual event for all PSEC member Societies.

All PSEC reps. should attend & try to also bring 2-3 other Officers from your local engineering Society.

Three 30-40 minute discussion sessions will follow a brief overview of PSEC & the planned program year. There will be a short break for snacks & beverages (being provided), between sessions.

Mentoring – Organizational involvement must start early. How can we inspire the future engineers? What opportunities are there for our members to be Mentors?

Connecting with Members – Many organizations are struggling with engaging members. Engaged members can become future volunteers. How can we keep members coming together and attending meetings? Can we bring members back?

The Future of Volunteer Leaders – Finding ways to engage younger members to volunteer to lead projects, events and become board members. How can we, as societies support and mentor the younger members of our societies?

Typed summaries of the discussions will be prepared later and sent out.

Please RSVP if you can attend (or contact with any questions)
Kathi Shoemake  (425)744-6033
PSEC’s web site

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2019 Seattle University, PSEC Engineering Mentor Night

April 4, 2019

SU Campion Ballroom

When: Tuesday, May 14th, 2019, 6:00pm – 8:00pm

Where: Campion Ballroom, Seattle University

Seattle University (SU) is hosting an engineering mentor night for their students on Tuesday, May 14th from 6 to 8 pm and they are particularly seeking mentors in Mechanical, Electrical, Computer and Civil Engineering. The event will be hosted in the SU Campion Ballroom.

The event will see the students rotate among tables with the mentors for discussions. To facilitate the discussions, mentors are asked to bring a sample of work (reports, photos, drawings, etc.) to help the students better understand what they might do in different disciplines of engineering.

Mentors will be sent final details, directions, campus map and parking passes a week prior to the event. Thank you for volunteering and giving your time and talent to encourage our next generation of engineers! For questions please contact Andrew Gall, the PSEC SU Mentor Night Volunteer Coordinator at:

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61st Annual Engineer of The Year Banquet

March 31, 2019

Puget Sound Engineering Council  held the 61st Annual Engineer on Saturday, February 16, 2019, at the Museum of Flight skyline room.
Our Speaker was Dr. Pierre Mourad, PhD, Professor, ME Coordinator in the Mechanical Engineering Department of the College of STEM at the University of Washington Bothell. He spoke on:
Diversification of higher education: Opportunities, and Difficulties.

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Engineering Fair is Cancelled

February 7, 2019

Unfortunately, due to the weather that we are expected to have this weekend, this event will be canceled. PSEC will work to get everyone reimbursed for the event soon.

Thank you for all of your support. We are looking forward to seeing everyone next year! Please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions. Have a safe weekend.

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Shoreline Mentor Night for February 6th, 2019 has been postponed

February 6, 2019

The College is closed due to the weather so we are cancelling the Mentor Night scheduled for tonight.

We will work with Shoreline College to reschedule for some time in March or April.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

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Young Engineer of the Year Award, 2019

January 23, 2019

Abdur Rehman, P. E., Puget Sound Energy

2019 Award Recipient

Nominated by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers

Abdur Rehman

Abdur Rehman P.E.
Puget Sound Energy

Abdur Rehman, P.E., Puget Sound Energy (PSE) has been selected as the recipient of the 2019 Young Engineer of the Year Award in recognition of his work as a relay engineer and supervisor and his outstanding service in multiple leadership positions in the Institute for Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE).

An active leader with rich power systems engineering design and field experience, he is widely recognized for his passion for sharing his knowledge. As the supervisor of Substation Meter-Relay Operations for PSE, he leads a team of 14 field personnel responsible for commissioning, troubleshooting, and maintaining intelligent electronic devices in PSE’s service territory. He also works with external customers with interconnected generation assets.  Some are wastewater treatment plants that capture methane gas, convert to electric energy, and use it power their own plant while connected to the PSE grid.  During major power outages, he helps to restore the electric grid as the Deputy Operations Section Chief at PSE’s Emergency Coordination Center.

He enjoys sharing his knowledge by developing power system video tutorials and uploading them to Youtube.  He founded in 2014 which has over 11,500 subscribers who are students and professionals.  The channel has over 2.8 million minutes watched since its inception.  With thousands of likes, positive comments, and shares from nearly every major country in the world, he plans to develop more power system video tutorials.

He supports the IEEE Seattle Section as chair of the Young Professional Affinity Group and organizer of the IEEE Pacific Northwest Young Professional Conference that hosts young professionals from across the United States and Canada.

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Kenneth W. Porter Award, 2019

Haichuan ‘Peter’ Deng, KPFF Consulting Engineers

2019 Award Recipient

Nominated by the American Society of Civil Engineers

Haichuan 'Peter' Deng

Haichuan “Peter” Deng
KPFF Consulting Engineers

Haichuan ‘Peter’ Deng, KPFF Consulting Engineers, has been selected as the recipient of the 2019 Kenneth W. Porter Award in recognition of his many contributions to the education of K-12 students by showing them the exciting opportunities available in engineering. A structural design engineer, he has been involved in a wide spectrum of projects ranging from large multi-building properties in residential, commercial, health care, and transportation sectors to smaller educational, tribal, tenant improvement, and site structures.

Post-graduation, he has spent much of his time mentoring students and promoting civil engineering to them. Some of his more prominent K-12 outreach projects include hosting the annual Popsicle Stick Bridge competition, mentoring students through the Architecture/Construction/Engineering (ACE) mentoring program, hosting multiple STEM After School Academies through the Washington Alliance for Better Schools (WABS), and participating in local high school college and career days. The annual Popsicle Stick Bridge competition is for high school students who design and construct bridges made of popsicle sticks.  The student-constructed bridges are load-tested during a competition held at the Museum of Flight.  The ACE mentoring program engages professionals in the construction industry with high school students to work through a design project through the schematic design phase. WABS organizes an afterschool program for elementary and middle school students on STEM topics.  The program is conducted by engineer volunteers.  Peter organized and taught classes on bio-mechanical engineering, earthquake engineering, and stormwater engineering.

He serves as an outstanding role model for young students who are trying to find a path in STEM education.  He motivates others by illuminating the potential to make an impact as an engineer.

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Academic Engineer of the Year, 2019

Professor Jeffrey W. Berman, Ph. D., University of Washington

2019 Award Recipient

Nominated by the American Society of Civil Engineers and the Structural Engineers Association of Washington

Jeffrey W. Berman

Professor Jeffrey W. Berman, Ph. D.
University of Washington

Professor Jeffrey W. Berman, Ph. D., University of Washington, has been selected as the recipient of the 2019 Academic Engineer of the Year Award in recognition of his exceptional career as a structural engineering educator who integrated cutting edge research with engineering design and problem solving. His teaching, student advising, publications, lectures, and participation in technical conferences have led to significant advances in the state of earthquake engineering practice.

He serves as the Director of the Structural Research Laboratory and a structural engineering lead of the multi-year M9 Project, a large National Science Foundation-sponsored interdisciplinary research project investigating the impact of magnitude 9 Cascade Subduction Zone earthquakes in the Pacific Northwest.  His research has advanced the understanding of how ground motion duration and ground motion frequency content impact buildings.  This has resulted in recommended design guidelines to improve the seismic safety of local buildings.

He has conducted research on the development of post-tensioned rocking cross-laminated timber wall systems as a potential lateral force resisting system for timber buildings up to 15 stories.   His experimental and computational studies have shown the viability of rocking cross-laminated timber walls for resisting seismic loads and providing structural-damage free performance in large earthquakes.  He also conducted research on the evaluation and retrofit of steel concentrically- braced frames designed prior to 1988.  Such frames may have deficiencies that inhibit ductile system behavior.  Through large-scale experiments and computational simulation, he and his colleagues have developed recommendations for evaluation and retrofit of such frames that are being incorporated into the national standard for seismic evaluation and retrofit of buildings.

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K-12 STEM Engineering Teacher of the Year, 2019

January 14, 2019

Emily Yim, Washington Alliance for Better Schools

2019 Award Recipient

Nominated by the Structural Engineers Association of Washington

Emily Yim

Emily Yim
Washington Alliance for Better Schools

Emily Yim, Executive Director of the Washington Alliance for Better Schools (WABS), has been selected as the recipient of the 2019 K-12 STEM Engineering Teacher of the Year in recognition of her many contributions to the STEM education of K-12 students.  WABS is a collaborative of eleven school districts that helps over a quarter million students graduate career and college ready.  To achieve its mission, WABS seeks to close achievement and opportunity gaps in historically underrepresented populations and increase academic achievement and career readiness for STEM fields.

As the visionary leader of WABS, she led the expansion of the After School STEM Academy program, which currently serves over 4,700 students every year.  The program is an engaging, hands-on STEM expanded learning opportunity for elementary and middle school students facilitated by industry volunteers to build awareness of STEM careers and career pathways.  During each session, STEM industry professionals lead hour-long small group activities with students to reinforce engineering concepts, share their workplace experiences, and highlight career pathways.

She was also instrumental in establishing a new program called Family STEM Night for students and families.  The program engages culturally diverse students and their multi-generational families in a five-week course of evening hands-on STEM activities to broaden understanding of career pathways and support family engagement. Conducted by industry volunteers, the program works to build opportunity for students of color and students who do not speak English as their first language.  By taking a holistic approach to exposing students and their families to STEM careers, the program empowers families to become engaged in their children’s education.

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Industry Engineer of the Year, 2019

Rod Boyer, RBTi Consulting

2019 Award Recipient

Nominated by the ASM International

Rod Boyer

Rod Boyer
RBTi Consulting

Rod Boyer, RBTi Consulting, has been selected as the recipient of the 2019 Industry Engineer of the Year Award in recognition of his many contributions to the aviation industry as a titanium specialist investigating the metallurgy of titanium and developing techniques for fabrication of titanium alloy air frame components. He was employed by The Boeing Company from 1965 through 2011 and now operates a consulting practice.

At Boeing, his efforts were focused on increasing the understanding of titanium metallurgy, including the effects of processing variations resulting in microstructural variations and the resultant effect on the properties of titanium alloys.  He conducted research on all product forms used on aircraft and studied almost all of the processes involved in the fabrication of titanium components, from melting to mill processing, secondary processing (forging, extrusions, etc.) to machining.  The result of his work was implementation of several new technologies on Boeing and other aircraft.

He directed the industrial effort on titanium alloy development for the NASA-sponsored High Speed Civil Transport Program and has been involved in several Air Force-sponsored Materials Affordability Initiative Programs involving advancing the understanding of titanium metallurgy.  He focused on powder metallurgy during his last three years at Boeing, both blended and pre-alloyed.  He led the effort in obtaining static design allowables for the blended elemental powder metallurgy product which has been approved by Boeing.  Powder metallurgy ensures very low waste levels compared to most other material commodities, such as forgings and plate, helping Boeing achieve environmental goals.

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