PSEC Meeting Notes 11.06.17

January 3, 2018

PSEC Meeting – Nov. 11, 2017

Present: Sam Ghesling, Stan Dyck, Dave Butcher, George Bondor, Don Flemming, Marina, Luis Leon, Chris Roberdeau, Kathi Shoemake

  • Call to Order : 6:02PM
  • Approval of Agenda : Motioned & Approved
  • Approval of Minutes : Not available yet
  • Around the Room :
    • Stan Dyck : IEEE
    • Dave Butcher : IEEE 11/9 Nanotech for Cancer Screening
    • George Bondor :SAE 11/18 LaMay Museum
    • Don Flemming : IISE Tour of Starbucks roasting Plan 12/7
    • SWE : online meeting 12/15 Blue Origin Tour, KISE (Kids in Science & Engineering
    • Luis Leon : ASM Monthly meeting now downstairs Tesla R&D typical materials and Processes used on automotive bodies
    • WSPE : Mon 20th Best Western : WestPoint Treatment plant What happened
    • Sam Ghesling: Next Tues meeting  Stress analysis engineer on Terra Power
    • Chris Roberdeau: AIAA council meeting next Tues. Next Sat Annual Tech Symposium in Lynnwood
    • 10/19 Art Moss was in a coma and died 10/22, Memorial Service coming up next Weds.
  • Treasurer Report : PSEC Account Update shared with representatives present
    • Reminder: Talk with your societies to pay your dues
  • Calendar : Banquet has been moved to the 3rd, January meeting moved to 8th, Dec 15th Awards Nominations due, Seattle Central College mentor night in January, Feb 10th Engineering Fair
  • Website Updates :
  • Mentor Nights
    • SPU : 10/18th  room changes made student interaction in other rooms than the panel discussion, was a bit noisy, 76  students to 31 mentors, remuneration for students suggested  –  $4/head ~ $400 , motioned and approved
    • SU
    • Olympic College –reached out to arrange a mentor night in Spring 2018
  • AIAA Tech Symposium Sponsorship : PSEC sponsorship multi-tiered availability,  sponsorship rejected by consensus
  • Engineering Fair : Caterer is arranged and lined up
  • Awards Banquet: Museum of Flight, usual room, setup at 5 event at 6. Meals selected – no change from previous years, speaker : B-29 and B-17 , Dale Thompson, Herb is the other speaker, single speaker, 60th Annual banquet
  • Awards Committee: Submission date of 12/15. Select and submit your nominations now!!!
  • ISOW : Saturday in May, TBD , please talk with your society about topics to discuss
  • Action Item Review
    • Look into history of engineering speaker
    • Confirm ISOW date
    • Confirm date for SCC mentor night
  • Adjourn : 7:09PM
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Meeting Minutes September 11, 2017

September 25, 2017

PSEC Meeting – Sept. 11, 2017

Present: Chris Roberdeu, Sam Ghesling, John Schaufelberger, Dave Butcher, George Bender, Don Fleming, Art and Judy Moss, Charles Beard, Andrew Gaul, Marina Daniker, Ray Wolfe, Stan Dyke, Paul Grant

  • Call to Order – Called
  • Approval of Agenda – Vote taken: Approved
  • Approval of June Minutes – Vote taken: Approved
  • Introductions/Around the Room
    • Sam Ghessling (ASME) – next chapter meeting @ Razzi’s 9/12 5:30-9
    • Dave Butcher (IEEE) – next chapter meeting 9/12 6-7 Microsoft rm 1999 Presentation of Hydraulic and Electric actuation
    • George Bender (SAE) – Next board meeting 9/12
    • Don Fleming (IISE) – tours are planned for the year
    • Art and Judy Moss (ASQ) – 9/14 chapter presentation on job hunting & interview skills @ Coast Hotel in Bellevue, Oct meeting is on website
    • Charles Beard (AIAA) – board meeting 9/11
    • Chris Roberdeu (PSEC President /AIAA) – tech symposium next month
    • Andrew Gaul (SME) – meeting occurred Sat (9/9). Tour of casting plant
    • Kathi (ASHRAE) – next chapter meeting (9/14) presentation on State of Refrigerants Today
    • Marina Daniker (SWE) – officer meeting 9/10, nothing else scheduled yet.
    • Ray Wolfe (INCOSE) – Actively planning a regional conference.
    • Stan Dyck (IEEE) website is
    • Paul Grant (ASCE) – next meeting is Wednesday, 9/13
  • President’s Goals for the Year
    1. Maintain good strong participation and involvement in engineering fair and activites
    2. STEM focus and participation growth
    3. Society and commitment from engineering societies
  • Treasurer Report
    1. IRS low down – IRS requires a long form 1023 which requires 4 year of past finances. Finance will be done by the end this week.
    2. Update rooster – Request to update rooster with new officers (representatives & treasurer)
    3. Budget review – Standard numbers used for most line items. Income, fair and banquet. Added IRS filing with margin of error. STEM education item.

Vote taken: approved

  • Calendar
    Mentor Nights on the calendar
    PSEC meetings for the year
    Mentor night 10/17 Seattle Pacific University – 4 different rooms instead of one
    Issues being experienced with EventBrite – please assist if you know the EventBrite
    Engineers fair is not yet scheduled Bridge building competition has moved to same day as banquet. Chris will confirm fair day.
    Banquet is scheduled 2/10/17. Banquet reservation needs to be confirmed.
    First weekend in May is ASQ World – Wa St convention center
    Add your society events to the website
  • Website Updates – Allows you to insert events with a gmail account the google calendar will easily share
    Do outreach to your society. Point them to the PSEC website and get sharing.
    If you are not on the email list contact Stan
  • Mentor Nights
    Looking for a volunteer to be mentor nights chair- it doesn’t have to be a rep
    Who had spearheaded these nights? Louie, Steve, Jason
  • Engineering Fair
    See above. Beth is the chairperson regarding the fair.
    Stamp booklet scavenger hunt recommended where visiting a booth will get you a stamp.
  • Awards Banquet
    Sam is in contact – Sat Feb 10th hold for the skyline room – needs approval for confirmation
    Motion : Commit to Museum of Flight & make deposits & sign Contract on either of 10th or 17th whichever is available. – Approved
    Chris will confirm date
    Suggestions for keynote speaker are requested
  • Awards Committee
    John is planning on solicitations for award submissions in October. Nominations due Mid-December
  • ISOW
    Kathi will spearhead this year
  • Action Item Review
    • Update contact information with Steve {All}
    • Share google calendar with Stan {All}
    • Verify date of Engineering Fair {Chris}
    • Cement date for banquet {Stan}
    • Find an Outreach/K-12 coordinator {All}
    • Solicit your societies for a Mentor Night coordinator {All}
    • Solicit recommendations for ASQ speakers {All}
  • Adjourn
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