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November 30, 2019

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December 2nd, 2019 Meeting Agenda

Our PSEC board meeting will be on Monday, December 2nd at Razzi’s in Greenwood at 6pm.

  1. Agenda
  2. Call to Order
  3. Approval of Agenda
  4. Approval of Minutes
  5. Around the Room
  6. Treasurer Report
  7. Calendar
  8. Website Updates
  9. Engineering Fair
  10. Banquet
  11. Mentor Nights
  12. InterSociety Officers Workshop
  13. New Topics        
  14. Action Item Review
  15. Adjourn
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October 7, 2019 Meeting Agenda

September 29, 2019

Our October meeting will be on Monday, October 7th at Razzi’s in Greenwood at 6 pm.


  1. Call to Order
  2. Approval of Agenda
  3. Approval of Minutes
  4. Around the Room
  5. Treasurer Report
  6. Calendar
  7. Website Updates
  8. Mentor Nights
  9. Engineering Banquet
  10. Action Item Review
  11. Adjourn
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Engineering Mentor Night at SU | Student Center | Oct 14 Monday | 5-7pm

September 10, 2019

When: Monday, October 14, 2019 – 5:00 PM -7:00PM, check-in at 4:30PM

Where: Seattle University Student Center 160 (see map below)

As part of Seattle University’s Engineering & Tech Takeover week, SME and PSEC have arranged a Mentor Night for students.

Sign up to be a Mentor by clicking HERE

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Inter Society Officers Workshop 2019

April 26, 2019

The PSEC Inter-society officer’s workshop (ISOW) brings together volunteer leaders from all PSEC member societies. The objective of the workshop is to share best practices for running our volunteer lead professional societies. Each year three topics are chosen for discussion during the workshop. The topics change each year to encourage continued participation and the timeliness of the topic. Roundtable sessions of 30-40 minutes allow participants to discuss and share experiences focused on a topic.

Saturday – June 8th, 2019 10:30am – 2:00pm
University of Washington Facility
7543 63rd Ave NE, Building #5, Bay B (map)
Seattle, WA 98115-8116

Refreshments will be provided

All Officers (current & incoming) from all PSEC engineering Societies are invited to come and exchange ideas with Officers from each of the other local engineering Societies. This is a free, annual event for all PSEC member Societies.

All PSEC reps. should attend & try to also bring 2-3 other Officers from your local engineering Society.

Three 30-40 minute discussion sessions will follow a brief overview of PSEC & the planned program year. There will be a short break for snacks & beverages (being provided), between sessions.

Mentoring – Organizational involvement must start early. How can we inspire the future engineers? What opportunities are there for our members to be Mentors?

Connecting with Members – Many organizations are struggling with engaging members. Engaged members can become future volunteers. How can we keep members coming together and attending meetings? Can we bring members back?

The Future of Volunteer Leaders – Finding ways to engage younger members to volunteer to lead projects, events and become board members. How can we, as societies support and mentor the younger members of our societies?

Typed summaries of the discussions will be prepared later and sent out.

Please RSVP if you can attend (or contact with any questions)
Kathi Shoemake  (425)744-6033
PSEC’s web site

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September 10th, 2018 PSEC Board Meeting Minutes

September 26, 2018

Present: John Schaufelberger, Charles Beard, Stan Dyck, Dave Butcher, Kathi Shoemake, Sam Gheesling, Paul Grant

Pre-meeting discussion:

Sam received estimates only from Ray’s Boathouse. Their winter arrangement may only accommodate 70 people. Compared to Museum of Flight, Ray’s comes to $84 per plate (no flower arrangement included). Currently we are at $75.63 per plate at MoF (without flowers). $86.44 per person w/ flowers @ 150 people.
If we get more sponsors, we can reduce the price.

  1. Call to Order 6:15PM
  2. Approval of Agenda – approved
  3. Approval of Minutes – approved
  4. Around the Room –
    1. Stan – PSEC website, IEEE
    2. Kathi – ASHRAE – meeting 9/11, at Motif
    3. Dave – IEEE – Microsoft Building 99 6-9PM , radio exposure
    4. Sam – ASME – October 23, Razzi’s meeting speaker arrangement coming along
    5. John – Waterfront plan, next Tuesday
    6. Paul – Wednesday this week on hwy 99 tunnel
    7. Charles – AIAA – society restructuring. No meetings. 9/11 MoF celebration this month, 747 anniversary.
  5. Treasurer Report
    1. STEM Education Support amount left in the budget.
    2. Income remained the same as we were not very far off last year
    3. Discussion of other organizations to invite
    4. 2018-19 budget approved
  6. Calendar
    1. Verify date of Engineering Fair & lead contact- February 9th, 2019. – anniversary of 747
  7. Website Updates
    1. See link for Stan’s website blog
    2. Website has more capability availability that is not being used
    3. Board members may make changes and improvements to this website
    4. Sharing files through Dropbox.
    5. There are a series of email forwards used for executive positions – these have been forwarded to the appropriate coordinator
    6. How useful are weekly action items updates? – these will be continued
  8. Mentor Nights – no coordinator
    1. Seattle Pacific University was the October Mentor night last year – they have made the decision to go it alone.
  9. Banquet Proposal
    1. The board reviewed the comparisons
    2. Decision was made that Museum of Flight will remain the location of Engineer’s Award banquet
    3. October meeting will bring potential sponsors. Will need to identify a couple sponsor tiers and benefits.
  10. Action Item Review
    1. K-12 Outreach Coordinator – we’re going to come up with a job description next meeting
    2. Outreach to non-traditional member groups
    3. Send Stan a list and pictures of PSEC items at your homes
    4. ISOW survey to past attendees & PSEC reps
  11. Swearing in of 2018-19 Officers
  12. Adjourn 7:49PM
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June 4, 2018 Meeting Minutes

September 6, 2018

PSEC Board Meeting Minutes

June 4, 2018

Present: Stan Dyck, Dave Butcher, John Schaufelberger, Charles Beard, George Bondor, Jason Salazar, Kathi Shoemake, Tan, Sam Gheesling

  • Call to Order 6:04 PM
  • Approval of Agenda
  • Motioned and Approved
  • Approval of Minutes
  • Motioned and Approved
  • Around the Room
  • Stan – IEEE – events calendar synced
    • Excom meeting June 12th
  • Kathi – ASHRAE – YEA June Reception at Redhook Brewlab June 20th
  • Dave – IEEE ExCom meeting @ Microsoft
  • Tan – ASME – reorganization
  • George – SAE – general invitation for Volunteer Event
  • ASCE – local section outstanding civil engineering
  • Hardi – SAMPE – meeting June 19th –tour of LMI in Everett
    • July Crab Feed date TBD
  • John – WSPE – next meeting in September
  • Charles – AIAA next meeting is Awards Banquet at end of month
  • Treasurer Report
  • Last report of the year
    • Budget numbers lower than expected
    • $1000 for STEM education budgeted and not distributed
    • Societies that did not pay dues: AiChE, APWA, SPE, ASQ, AWS, SPE, WSPE-MR
  • Calendar
  • Tonight’s meeting is the last item on the calendar
  • No more PSEC events until fall
  • Website Updates
  • More mentor night summaries next year
  • Mentor Nights
  • Highline – not a lot of mentors nor students
    • Attendance was not an assignment through the engineering course
  • Election of 2018-19 Officers
  • Officer Slate Approved – Picture taking and installation of officers will take place in September
  • New officers:
    • President: Charles Beard
    • President-Elect: Kathi Shoemake
    • Secretary: Marina Dannecker
    • Treasurer: Dave Butcher
  • Swearing in of 2018-19 Officers
  • Next September
  • Chris received a gift box as appreciation of his service
  • Action Item Review
  • Adjourn


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Meeting Minutes, May 7, 2018

June 4, 2018


Sam, Stan, Chris, John, Charles Beard, Tan, George, Jason, Kathi


  • Call to Order
  • Approval of Agenda
  • Approval of Minutes
  • Around the Room
    • Sam – ASME
    • Chris – AIAA
    • John – WSPE
    • Charles – AIAA
    • Tan – ASME
    • Jason –
    • Kathi – ASHRAE has Golf Tournament coming up in June and last Chapter meeting next week
  • Treasurer Report
    • Dave is on the east coast working
    • No transactions last month
    • Official IRS approval of non profit
  • Calendar
    • Highline college mentor night May 22nd
    • June council meeting
    • College Mentor night arrangements: SPU, SU and UW Bothell
  • Website Updates
    • Still Awaiting Engineer’s fair report
    • If you have calendars to sync, get Stan in contact with your website coordinator
    • ISOW Report
  •  Mentor Nights
    • Registration is up for Highline
  • ISOW
    • Recommendation of a survey for finding the better date for ISOW next year
    • Purpose of event: assist elected officers with their activities
    • Action Item: send out survey
  • Next Year’s Officers
    • Charles is President next year
    • Dave will be Treasurer
    • Pool the societies for more reps and volunteers
  • Action Item Review
    • K-12 Outreach Coordinator : work with different school districts and try to encourage more involvement in K-12 activities (science fairs, guest speakers)
    • Look to societies that already have a position which may be extended
    • Suggest non-traditional groups as PSEC members
    • Template for Mentor Night Report
    • Venues for Engineering Banquet
  • Adjourn
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PSEC March 2018 Board Meeting Minutes

March 19, 2018

March 5, 2018

Present: Chris Roberdeau, Sam Gheesling, Stan Dyck, Dave Butcher, John Schaufelberger, Don Flemming, Jason Salazar, Grace LeFebure, Hardik Dalal, George Bondor, Tan

Our next meeting will be Monday March 5 at 6pm at Razzi’s in Greenwood. The agenda is below:

  • Call to Order Start 6PM
  • Approval of Agenda
    • approved
  • Approval of Minutes
    • Minutes for Feb meeting still pending – approve in April
  • Around the Room
    • Stan Dyck, PSEC online webmaster – There may be some issues with representatives list sign up – contact Stan if you experience issues
    • Jason Salazar, Handing off the Student Mentor Night Duties
    • Kathi Shoemake, ASHRAE, Student Activities Hockey Night March 17th, tour of Point Defiance Zoo and Aquarium March 14th, and Chapter Meeting about Working with Millennials on March 21st.
    • Dave IEEE, officer training just wrapped up, Meeting next Tuesday
    • Don Flemming, ISE
    • George Bondor, SAE, working on website and mailing list Meeting Scheduled in April, WWU Formula SAE competition
    • Grace Lefebure, SWE, Amazon Fresh/Prime tour for March sold out, there will be a tour in April.
      Looking for volunteers for SWE outreach programs
    • Hardik, SAMPE, March event, April 16th @ UW WAC, student poster competition and presentation
    • John, WSPE-SE, Best western Tuesday, March 6th, Cycle races in Bergen Norway and issues
    • Charles Beard, AIAA
    • Paul Grant, ASCE, meeting Wed 14th, Sound Transit north Link Station
    • Chris Roberdeau, IEEE, March 28, technical dinner Guggenheim Auditorium
    • Sam Gheesling, ASME, no plans for March.  Would like to reach out to other organizations for coordinated meetings. Aiming for presentations in April/May
  • Treasurer Report
    • Expenses for Banquet and Engineering Fair are in.
    • Summary shared at meeting
    • Dues not yet received by SAMPE, ASQ and APWA
  • Storage of PSEC Items
    • Public Storage space, $80/month currently used by IEEE
    • Shop for storage, central location, one space for all items.
  • Calendar
    • Nothing left in March
    • April – only board meeting, April 2nd.
    • May – ISOW, May 5th.
  • Website Updates
    • Please share your calendars with PSEC
    • Banquet photos are now uploaded
    • Request for a Banquet write up – Sam
    • Engineering Fair – write up for website – Beth
    • Past president list – will post links to obituaries
    • Looking for 2016-17 officer’s picture – Did Luis take this?
    • LinkedIn – reinvigorate? Add pictures for banquet – Kailan is the page owner – contact him to share
    • Live tweeting and FBlive
  • Mentor Nights
    • UW Bothell – Andrew Gall, ASME, coordinating
    • UW Bothell is having an Engineering Fair soon (SWE is participating)
    • Highline – April Mentor night coordinated by Steve Snelling
    • North Seattle College Mentor Night March 1st, 17 Mentors mostly from last year’s Mentor Night. Bill of $353.41 for food submitted.
    • Bill payment approved
    • This year – fewer students (80 perhaps – number to be confirmed), engineering advisor retiring
    • Arranging a new mentor coordinator
    • Bellevue College – Chris will make contact
  • Engineering Fair
    • 2nd weekend of February next year
  • Awards Banquet
    • Done!
    • Next year: 3rd Saturday of February (16th)
    • Ray’s Boathouse was suggested, this will be investigated
    • Open to comparisons – apples to apples (meat, fish and veggie meals) – until September
    • Sponsorship will also bring the ticket price down – please reach out for sponsorship
  • ISOW
    • This month, will update website with details
    • Seattle U Mech chair, Theodora, was a Mentor coordinator for PSEC lunches
    • Will continue talking with her
  • Action Item Review
  • Adjourn – 7:18 PM
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PSEC Meeting Notes 12.04.2017

January 3, 2018

PSEC Meeting – Dec 4, 2017

Present: Sam Ghesling, Stan Dyck, Chris Roberdeau, Tran Dihn, Marina, George Bondor, Don Flemming, Andrew Galan, Charles Beard, Luis Leon

  • Call to Order : 6:00PM
  • Approval of Agenda : Motioned & Approved
  • Approval of Minutes : Not yet available, will approve both Nov. & Dec at next meeting
  • Around the Room :
    • Sam Ghesling: ASME, Dec 11 at Razzi’s – Scott Jarnigan – Complexity of the Product Development Cycle
    • Stan Dyck : IEEE
    • Tran Dihn : Is our invited guest
    • Marina : SWE – Annual Holiday Party on Dec. 9 at Living Computer Museum
    • George Bondor :SAE meeting at Mac & jack Brewery
    • Don Flemming : IISE Tour of Starbucks roasting Plan 12/7
    • Andre Galan:  SME, no meeting planned for Dec.
    • Charles Beard: AIAA – meeting on 12/7 with Lindberg Electric aircraft Fly-Off (electric plane competition) at Museum of Flight
    • Luis Leon : ASM Monthly meeting 12/12 at Azteca in Bellevue, Significant Others invited, topic: Basic Principles and Materials used in music
    • Chris Roberdeau : AIAA
  • SWE request: Chris will be meeting with SWE to discuss the value of PSEC membership
    •  Jan 7th SWE executive meeting
    • Discuss SWE letter to the council
    • Make PSEC metrics more visible
  • Treasurer Report : Account balance and Dues payment received shared with council
    • IRS has received the application for 501C3 status and is in review
    • Council discussed reaching out to other companies (besides Boeing) for sponsorship
  • Calendar :
    • Award Nominations due next Friday, 12/15,
    • Seattle Central College Mentor Night on Jan 25th – make announcement
    • The Banquet and Fair are scheduled for February
  • Engineering Fair : Booths are available for reservation
  • Mentor Nights
    • SU – coming up
    • UW Bothell – Cameron point of contact (ASME Vice Chair)
    • North Seattle, Shoreline and Everett Colleges in spring
    • Olympic College –reached out to arrange a mentor night in Spring 2018
    • Chris will reach out to Paul to check progress on UW Bothell
    • Will investigate WSU and Everett joint extension program
  • Engineering Fair
    • Posting is ready to go out
    • Reaching out for booth reservations – booths are now available
    • Bridge Building competition will be going on at the same day and time
  • Awards Banquet : Museum of Flight February 3rd, 2018, speaker : B-29 and B-17 , Dale Thompson, MOF Volunteer,
  • 60th Annual banquet
    • Looking for Historical items – to make 60 year historical summary
    • Solicit sponsors
    • 1958 Local engineering feats and accomplishments
    • To Add website announcement with speakers bio
  • Awards Committee: Submission date of 12/15. Select and submit your nominations now!!!
  • ISOW : May 5th, 10:30 AM please talk with your society about topics to discuss
  • Open Discussion
    • Topic: Should PSEC reach out to non-engineering societies for membership
    • Response was positive – Seems to be acceptable per bylaws
  • Action Item Review
    • Gather history of PSEC items
    • Reach out to past presidents
    • Reach out companies for sponsorship
  • Adjourn : 7:30PM
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